Colorado Stock Images | How to Make Good Listing Photos Great: Aerial vs. Ground
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Here's a selection of photographs shot by Mediamax Senior Photographer Jeff Perry. You can see how much more dramatic the elevated photos are compared to the standard street-level shots. The elevated shots are taken using Mediamax's 60-foot trailer-mounted aerial rig.
Brick 2-Story Front ExteriorElevated Brick 2-story Exterior 1Elevated Brick 2-Story Exterior 2Elevated Brick 2-story Exterior 3Gray Stucco Front ExteriorElevated Gray Stucco Exterior 1Elevated Gray Stucco Exterior 2Arch House Exterior 1Elevated Arch House Exterior 1Elevated Arch House Exterior 2Rural House ExteriorElevated Rural House Exterior 1Elevated Rural House Exterior 2